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Our Marine System

Our marine set up consists of a 1000 gallon (4500 litre), centralised system, which was built to our own design. The aim of the system was to keep both fish and inverts, in good condition while using equipment that was generally available to the hobbyist.

Water flows from each tank via an overflow into the first sump tank, which contains a series of sponges for mechanical filtration, from here it flows to the second and third sump tanks. From these tanks the water is taken to a fluidised bed filter (for ammonia and nitrite removal), and returned via a phosphate removing resin. The water is then sent through a protein skimmer, which is combined with ozone injection (ozone in this system is used primarily for the reduction of nitrite). Before leaving the sumps the water is heated via an external thermostat and two 600w heaters. Two separate pumps return the water to the system (one pump for each row) via UV sterilisers.

All fish and inverts we sell are imported directly by ourselves, we do not use any wholesalers. This has the advantage of improving quality and reducing price (please contact us for an up-to-date stock list). Because we do not use wholesalers everything we sell is quarantined in our separate quarantine room for at least two weeks. Our quarantine system consists of individual tanks filtered with fluidised bed filters and in some cases external protein skimmers.

These individual tanks allow us to try various brands of equipment so that everything we sell has been used by us.
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